Imagine Dragons

imagine dragons


For those of you who know me as a film composer and jazz musician: Imagine Dragons is a rock band out of Las Vegas. I joined the band in August, 2011.



Here is something unusual: an acoustic performance from Portland, OR, in which I play viola (a large violin) and a box-shaped percussion instrument from Argentina that doubles as a seat, called a cajón. We perform on acoustic instruments when we play in small rooms where the sound from our regular instruments would be deafening. This typically occurs in media interviews.

A note for you string players out there: I tune my viola down a fourth, to better blend with the lower notes of the guitars. So I'm actually playing in the cello range. Kids, don't try this at home!





league of legends


We performed at the 2014 World Championship Final in Seoul, South Korea, for 40,000 fans in the stadium, and another 27 million watching online. Our largest audience yet. The performance can be seen here.