Film and Commercial Composing and Producing with Daniel Platzman

Platz composes music for film, television, commercial, and new media projects. He specializes in genre-blending and developing music as a supporting character in the overall story being told. As an accomplished multi-instrumentalist in his own right, Platz has a deep understanding of how each instrument contributes to scores and often lends his own playing abilities to projects in addition to directing other musicians.

Daniel Platzman recording studio
Daniel Platzman recording studio
Daniel Platzman music studio

The Studio

Platz owns a custom-built studio on his property in Las Vegas, designed as a concrete monolithic dome structure. Inspired by the shape and sound of drums, Platz specifically designed the studio to look like an upside-down drum. Builders inflated a balloon to the exact dimensions of the dome, inserted reinforcing bars inside, then sprayed concrete inside to complete the structure.

Inside the studio, microphones are permanently installed at the top of the dome to create expansive, cinematic sounds. The entire space is intended to offer ease for both spontaneous creation and more dialed-in, traditional recording experiences. Adjustable colored lighting completes the immersive space, providing a full-blown sensory experience.

Recent Projects

Best F(r)iends (Film Composing)

From Tommy Wiseau & Greg Sestero (of the cult classic, The Room), Best F(r)iends follows a drifter and a peculiar mortician on expedition across the South West. Wild and crazy characters lead the heroes through a series of twisted and dark foibles as both men learn a valuable lesson about friendship and loyalty.

Transformers 4: Age of Extinction (Viola Credit)

Platz lended his “ratty viola” to the soundtrack, working alongside Steve Jablonsky and Hans Zimmer.

Eagles Are Turning People Into Horses (Film Composing)

An official selection of SXSW and SlamDance, Eagles Are Turning People Into Horses is a bizarre and wonderful anti-romance comedy about eagles that turn people into horses.

FORBIDDEN SKY (Film Composing)

Forbidden Sky from Greg Sestero is a concept trailer about a small-town, late-night radio host who receives a frantic call that suddenly places him as the mediator between an alien race and Earth.

Chairman of the Clowns (Composition & Performance)

Step into a world where the red nose conceals a sinister smile, where the laughter is forced, the makeup is thick and the terror is real. A society ruled by the iron fist of the most terrifying clown dictator known to civilization. This is a world where even the puppets dance to the tune of the all-powerful Chairman of the Clowns.

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