Gibraltar hardware for musicians
Gibraltar Hardware. I have used their products from the start: high quality and always dependable.
Imagine Dragons drummer, Daniel Platzman
Latin Percussion instruments
Latin Percussion (LP) has always made high quality instruments, and the drummers in the LP family are top notch.
musician and composer, Daniel Platzman
SJC custom drums
SJC Drums. I have a lot of weird things I’m going for with my kit. SJC can keep up with the crazy things I’m thinking of – and make it sound good!
Vic Firth drumsticks with Daniel Platzman signature
Vic Firth now offers sticks sporting my signature. My connection with the company is longstanding: I won the Vic Firth award for outstanding musicianship in college. And I greatly admire the company founder, a multi-instrumentalist who has performed both classical and popular music, and a successful industrialist.
Zildjian instruments

Zildjian Cymbals sound great, my heroes used them before me and I get to use them now.