Short film score: "Mr. Resistor"

Description: My senior project at Berklee
My contribution: Cartoon music


TV ad score: "Death by Energy Drink"

Description: Pilot for a PR campaign, directed by my brother, Richard.   Big Ox was (incredibly) a real product.   They opted for a more sedate tone and are (so far as I know) no longer in business.
My contribution: Sixties-style rock jingle.   I wrote the lyrics, and perform vocals, as well as most instruments on the sound track.


Video score: "Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer"

Description: Britanick's biggest hit to date. (I have a brief cameo.)
My contribution: My score pays tribute to the large sound that an award-winning film must have.



I recently got to write music for an investigative journalism TV series, with each episode being about a different topic. This gave me a chance to compose music a little different from what I usually do and it was a fun challenge finding the correct thematic material. A sample of my work can be found here.