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pun and games

Pun and Games Vol 1

  1. Crazyologist
  2. So Je So Ru I
  3. Interlude I
  4. Dear Old Israel
  5. Interlude II
  6. Skippy's Skip
  7. Take the Trane Train
  8. Interlude III
  9. So Je So Ru II
pun and games 2
Pun and Games Vol 2
  1. Four in Une-Jab
  2. Cross-Ception
  3. Stablurge I
  4. East 32nd and Soul
  5. Bloomdidochio
  6. Humumpty Dudumpty
  7. Stablurge II
  8. Blues for Gepetto

The Daniel Platzman Quintet

  • Daniel Platzman: Drums 
  • Joe Santa Maria: Alto Sax 
  • Alex Wintz: Guitar 
  • Julian Shore: Keys 
  • Julian Smith: Bass 


Design by Dustin Chambers
Artwork by Justin Wagner
All compositions by Daniel Platzman

Audio Sample: Short film
For a short film by Dustin Chambers.
This track expresses imagination and wonder at first, then becomes bigger and more intense.